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Live Chat With Visitors

Using the mobile app

One of the best features of a Hardhat website is that you can use your phone to chat in real time to visitors on your site, just like on Whatsapp or Facebook messenger. It’s the modern way to engage with new customers instead of waiting for them to contact you.

Live chat is ideal for answering quick questions, introducing yourself, and inviting visitors to take the next step. This powerful feature is included as standard on all our sites and the mobile app is free to download and use.

Colours to Match Your Brand

Custom colour schemes for your business

The colours used on your website should match those used on your logo, on the signwriting of your van, on your printed brochures, and any other pieces of marketing you have. It all helps to show visitors that your business is a successful and well established operation that they can trust.

During the build of your website we will customise each element so that the colours match your company branding and create a professional image for your visitors.

30 Day Contract

For your peace of mind

Year long contracts can be risky and costly, especially if you’re starting a new business in the construction industry and need to keep your initial costs down. That’s why we give you the freedom and peace of mind of a 30 day pay-as-you-go style contract.

In the unfortunate event that to close your business or shut down your site at short notice you won’t be left with a large bill to pay or a heap of wasted cash.

Your own .com or .co.uk

Your choice of domain name

Your company website should have a website address that is easy to say and easy for your customers to remember. A good website address also shows that you take your web presence seriously and will help attract new business.

With Hardhats you can either use a website address which you already own, or if it’s your first time getting website for your building company then we can organise it all for you at no extra cost.

Blazing Fast Load Times

Fast website = happy visitor

Slow websites will frustrate your clients before they even pick up the phone and say “hello”, in fact having a slow and sluggish website that seems to take forever to work is often so annoying that your visitor will simply give up and contact another business instead of you.

Our websites load super fast because we know that your customers don’t have the patience to wait around, and that having a super fast website will make a strong first impression for your business.

Free Stock Photos

No hidden charges for photography

Most websites use so called ‘stock’ photos to make the site look good and show the kind of services your business offers. Buying these stock photos can quickly get expensive and often leads to an extra bill after you’ve paid for the build of your site, but not with us.

We include all the photos you see in our demo sites and any others you might need from our stock photo supplier and it won’t cost you a penny.

Updates done for you

100% Fully managed service

Unlike many other website providers, we don’t expect you to do all the work of updating and maintaining your website yourself. Instead we take care of every single update, change, and addition for you as part of our fully managed service.

You’ll never need to log in to your website, perform any updates, or learn any complicated systems, just let us know what needs to be done by phone or email and let us handle it.