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How long will it take to complete my website? It typically takes 3 days to get your site up and running live on the internet. We always aim to get your site turned around as fast as possible.
When can you start building my site? We aim to start building your website within 2 days of your order, but it might take longer if we have a back log of orders to fulfil. If there is a backlog there will be a clear message on the order form.
Do you build Wordpress websites? No we don't do Wordpress. Wordpress is a great tool but it's not scaleable or secure enough for our websites so we don't use it.
I hate computers, is that a problem? No problem at all. If you want something changed on your website you just pick up the phone and tell us what you want, or send us a text message or email.
Do you outsource overseas? Nope, we are 100% UK based. Everyone you speak to and everyone who ever works on your site will be based in the UK.
Will you do my copywriting? We don't do copywriting ...yet. For now we just stick to websites and recommend you hire a private copywriter if you want someone to write the wording for your website. However, we might be offering copywriting some time in the future if there is enough demand for it.
Can you build me a mobile app? No, we don't do mobile apps. Building a mobile app is very different to building a website and is unnecessary for most businesses in the building trade. All our websites are designed look great on mobiles and tablets which is enough for nearly all of our clients.
Am I covered if my site breaks or gets hacked? Yes, you won't be charged if there is a problem with your site. This question is usually asked by people coming from Wordpress websites which often break after being updated or being hacked. With hardhat websites we ensure your site continues to work and we cover the cost of any unexpected repairs.